As you might have noticed, Hillsborough is a website that tries to tackle a lot of areas of Orange High and Cedar Ridge High sports on a daily basis. With the fall sports season starting Monday, we aim to have complete coverage of all sports at both high schools–via the written word or through radio broadcasts.

As with last year, we’re going to broadcast all of Orange High’s football games on the website. We’re also adding Cedar Ridge games, as well. The exact number of Red Wolves games depends on staffing, but we’re planning at least 7, starting with the East Chapel Hill game.

However, one question that frequently came up last season from various people was “How do I listen?”

There are several ways. First, there’s my (Jeff Hamlin) Spreaker channel. Simply go here. While you’re at my Spreaker page, please give it a Like. That way, not only will you support the website, but you will also be emailed whenever a broadcast starts. Thus, the process is made ┬ámuch easier.

Secondly, go to the Hillsborough Sports Facebook page. That’s here. A link is placed every game 20 minutes before airtime. Also, there’s my own Facebook page which can be found here.

Then there’s something new for this year. The Hillsborough Sports You Tube page. Simply type in Jeff Hamlin or Hillsborough Sports on the YouTube search option. All games will be broadcast live on YouTube this year.

Also, all broadcasts can be heard on demand. That means if you went to the game, didn’t hear the broadcast, and heard your son or daughter make a great play, you can go back and listen to it through all of the means listed above.

Of course, life moves fast and so does technology. Other websites and channels have started televising games, something that was once forbidden by the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. That hasn’t escaped my attention. I plan to take the website into a direction that will make televising various sports (not just football) live a reality.

It’s going to be a fun year. Stay tuned.

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