By Alexandria Hopkins

The holidays are here, and a great present has been presented to the Panther’s wrestling team; Orange winning against Northwood High School in last night’s wrestling match.
In a considerably short dual, only lasting about thirty minutes from it’s start at 6 PM, Panthers wrestling won 69 – 9 against the Chargers in a game that served easy for Coach Bobby Shriner and his team.

However, while playing a fair match, the game itself became burtal, with many of Northwood’s kids holding a posisiton for a longer amount of time than needed and keeping their match going longer than possibily needed too.

Jason Amy, wresling coach and Physical Education teacher for Northwood, said that a game like this will not hurt their previous worth toward the Panthers, and they are staying quite optimistic about future outings.
“With injuries mounting and many kids out with sickness Northwood was unable to fill a complete team for our match. Last year we were a one point difference between the Northwood and Orange. We will be excited to have the opportunity later to compete at full strength next year!”
Still, Orange was able to give their all in that night’s game Using teamwork and the guidance of Coach Shriner and his assistant Coaches, wrestlers like Brandon Hensey, Avery Jenkins, Jamar Dons, and Luke Riley still outshined amongst the rest of the forefits of other players. Players served and scored amongst takedowns, near falls and a few reversals to help the team win their individual matches. Not only did families of the members cheer on, but the rest of the team themsleves gave their absolute support from the bleachers, bringing all the noise in the big gymnansium in consideration next to a quiet audience.
Coach Shriner says that last night’s game was more than worth it, and even with all the forfits, were still glad to be a part of the night.
“Last night, the other team had multiple forfeits, so it made it a little easier for us. And I thought the guys on the team wrestled well next to some tough guys, anf they lost two matches, which was a bummer, but altight in the end. Like anything, we prepare for every match like it’s the same, and in the end it just all works out.”
The Orange wrestling team will be playing their next match at Eastern Alamance High School, starting Saturday afternoon at 5.

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