For those who enjoy waking up early on weekend mornings to watch the Premier League broadcasts from England, last week’s opener between traditional powers Liverpool and Arsenal offered an anomaly. A 4-3 victory by Liverpool in a unusually high scoring effort by the Reds against the Gunners.

To open the 2016 season, Orange has taken it to another level. They started with a stunning 5-2 victory at Northern Durham, and have only gotten better. After a 9-1 victory over Graham on Tuesday, the Panthers continued their form with an 8-1 win over Bartlett Yancey on Wednesday night at Orange High Soccer Pitch.

Jamar Davis scored four goals. Junior Malcolm Phillips added a goal and an assist. Casey Barhudt added a goal and an assist, as did junior Bryan Torres. Ewan McCallum scored the final goal with 3:02 remaining.

Alfredo Rodrguez chipped in with two assists. Sophomore Levi Anderson also notched an assist.

Orange is 3-0 with a home game against Riverside next Tuesday.



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