The Rodcast #7! With Dave Glenn!

Updated: May 8, 2020

The summer of 2000 will be a time that no UNC fan will ever forget…no matter how hard they try. On this edition of the Rodcast, we’re joined by Dave Glenn of the ACC Sports Journal and the Athletic. Dave is one of the foremost insiders about ACC Sports and covered Bill Guthridge’s resignation in late June 2000. Dave discusses why Roy Williams turned down the UNC job in 2000, how much friction that caused between Roy and the UNC basketball family, Larry Brown’s infamous interview, the pursuit of George Karl and why UNC ended up with Matt Doherty. Dave gives lots of inside information about this search. You can check out Dave’s work at the and Thanks to Dave Glenn for being so generous with his time for this comprehensive look at a memorable time in ACC history.

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