Campbell’s Ramble: Duke Goes Down the Drain

Updated: November 19, 2019

We have a new team at the bottom of the football power rankings this week! And if you think that has something to do with the title of this column, you would be right. I’m sure the tens of Duke football fans on the planet will have a tough time reading this one. 

Note: Florida State did not play a conference team this week, therefore there will be no analysis for Florida State.


With the Panthers holding on to win in overtime against the always tough Tar Heels, the Coastal crown is very much in play for Pitt. If the Panthers win out, and Virginia Tech wins the commonwealth clash, that would send Pittsburgh to their second straight ACC Championship game. Do I think it happens? Not particularly, but I don’t think it’s a ridiculous proposition either.


Clemson continues their quest of beating the ever-living crap of everybody in their path en route to another College Football Playoff appearance. Wake Forest was their most recent victim, and poor South Carolina 2 weeks from now is the next. Don’t expect Dabo to hold back anything in any game the rest of the way for the Tigers.


I FINALLY GET TO PUT MY SCHOOL IN THE WINNERS SECTION OF THIS COLUMN! All my excitement aside, with their dominating win over Duke, bowl hopes are still somewhat alive for the Orange. With defensive coordinator Brian Ward gone, the Orange turned in their best performance of the season. If Ward was the issue, and that’s the true capability of that Orange defense, wins over both Louisville and Wake Forest in their last 2 games seems unlikely, but not nearly as unlikely as it seemed prior to the Duke game.

Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech thoroughly dominated Georgia Tech in Atlanta. Like Clemson, Virginia Tech seems to be on a mission to destroy anyone and everyone in their way. Credit to Justin Fuente, the Hokies really got the ship turned around after the drubbing at the hands of Duke, and I think this is a team that could make things interesting, albeit slightly, for Clemson in the ACC Championship if that’s the matchup.


Louisville secured bowl eligibility with their win over a dismal NC State team. More than anything else, I want to take the time to give Scott Satterfield a shoutout for how well he’s done in year one at Louisville. He took the team projected to finish dead last in the Atlantic and has made them a bowl eligible team who has been able to compete with everyone (barring Clemson of course.) It’s absolutely ridiculous how quickly Satterfield got this ship turned around, and if he can get recruiting going on the level he’s capable of, this will be a very, very good team in a couple years.

North Carolina

The Tar Heels 4th quarter magic wasn’t enough against Pittsburgh, and they continue to confuse the heck out of me with how well they’re capable of playing in the 4th but can’t do it for a whole game. Ultimately, I think this will end up being a bowl-eligible Carolina team with their next 2 games against Mercer and an NC State team you know that Carolina is really going to be ready for this year. That being said, this could have been so much more of a great season for the Heels. If recruiting is any indicator, I would expect the Heels to be a perennial threat to get 10 wins in a couple years.

Wake Forest

What can I really say about Wake? They got killed by Clemson. Outside of that, the Wake Forest dream of going to an Orange Bowl is likely off the table now due to Virginia Tech being as hot as they are. Seems like a bit of a disappointing season for Wake when you look at it this way, but this program is as healthy as it has been in years. If you’re a Wake fan, you better pray Clawson doesn’t bolt for a job like Florida State, Arkansas, or possibly even Michigan State at the end of this season.


They’re bad, they’re REAL bad. The fans don’t care about this Duke team, the quarterback is a great guy but not a great quarterback, and their offensive coordinator is completely inept. Mix all these things together, and you have the new worst team in the conference after you get trounced by who I previously thought was the worst in Syracuse.

Georgia Tech

As soon as I thought they were getting better every week, they get killed by Virginia Tech. That being said, Wake got killed by VT too. The Jackets are in a tough spot this year, like I’ve said many times this season, it will be a few years before they even threaten to be bowl eligible, but I do feel like Geoff Collins has them going in the right direction.

NC State

Is Matt McKay still around? He was the only quarterback that wasn’t a complete turnover machine for the Pack. The quarterbacks are bad, the secondary is bad, and the linebackers are really young. Injuries have also been a huge issue for the Wolfpack thus far. This season has been a wash for State for some time now, and their hopes of reaching a 6th straight bowl game seem highly unlikely.

Football Power Rankings

  1. Clemson, duh.
  2. Virginia Tech
  3. Virginia
  4. Pitt
  5. Miami
  6. Wake Forest
  7. Louisville
  8. North Carolina
  9. Florida State
  10. Boston College
  11. Syracuse
  12. NC State
  13. Georgia Tech
  14. Duke

Football Predictions

NC State at Georgia Tech (-1.5): Georgia Tech, 21-17

Liberty at Virginia (-17): Virginia, 34-20

Boston College at Notre Dame (-20): Notre Dame, 38-14

Mercer at North Carolina (-39): North Carolina, 52-10

Pitt at Virginia Tech (-3.5): Virginia Tech, 24-21

Syracuse at Louisville (-9): Louisville, 28-24

Miami (-18.5) at Florida International: Miami, 35-10

Duke at Wake Forest (-7): Wake Forest, 38-14

Last week’s predictions: 4-2

Season total: 23-17

Basketball Power Rankings

  1. North Carolina
  2. Duke
  3. Virginia
  4. Louisville
  5. NC State
  6. Miami
  7. Syracuse
  8. Florida State
  9. Notre Dame
  10. Georgia Tech
  11. Pitt
  12. Virginia Tech
  13. Boston College
  14. Clemson
  15. Wake Forest

Basketball Predictions

Vermont at Virginia: Virginia, 57-40

Cornell at Syracuse: Syracuse, 75-62

Georgia Tech at Georgia: Georgia, 81-77

Duke vs California (Madison Square Garden, NYC): Duke, 85-74

Wake Forest vs Davidson (Spectrum Center, Charlotte): Davidson, 71-68

DePaul at Boston College: DePaul, 92-78

Last week’s predictions: 6-0

Season total: 11-2

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