Two Cents from the Franklin Mint: A Howlin’ Good Time

Updated: October 20, 2019

by John Franklin

My middle school baseball coach always told me, “Everyone loves a winner” or “Everyone at the game has a good time when you’re winning”.

Coach, you got that right.

If you came to last Friday night’s varsity football game at Cedar Ridge Stadium, a good time was had by all during the Red Wolves’ 20-19 victory over Chapel Hill – especially when you break a winless drought of 785 days.

I seriously hate talking about myself, but have to explain.

During the game, outside of the normal announcements of plays, yardage, ball spot, penalties, etc. – I have incorporated something that is becoming a new trend. In the vast collection of music files on my laptop, I also have a batch of …. Sound Effects.

What!? Sound effects? Seriously!? – ABSOLUTELY! I’m not playing them all game long, just a few clips here and there for fun, and even some drama. With many of these clips – My inner pro wrestling fan comes out.

To start each game, I go back to circa 1997 when the faction known as the nWo (or New World Order) Wolfpac would come out to the song, “Don’t Turn Your Back on the Wolfpac”.

To the pure football fans, I’m certain you’re thinking I’m turning the game into a circus. But in reality, it’s something I’ve embraced to make the game more fun. The response I got from the Red Wolf faithful is that they’re embracing it too. For example, when Isiah McCambry emphatically charges 15 yards for a first down or Will Berger completes a long pass to a receiver to acquire a first down, or any play that results in a first down, cue up the 16-time World Heavyweight Champion, “Nature Boy” Ric Flair and his signature cry of “WHOO!!!”

I procured this simple two-second clip, and it’s caught on. Every time Cedar Ridge tallies a first down, I’ll strike up “Naitch”. The great thing about this, the Red Wolf fans respond with their own rendition of “WHOO!!!!” every time I cue up a trio of Ric Flairs. Then again, it caught on with the opposing fans too. Last season during the JV game and in this year’s varsity game against Chapel Hill, the Tiger fans would mock the Wolf Pack from their section by returning the Ric Flairs in their condescending way.

Afterwards, I’ll play something that they’re not expecting. “Oh YEAH!” I’ve played another legend in “Macho Man” Randy Savage; cartoon legend Daffy Duck with his traditional laugh; and even went to hip-hop legend Flavor Flav and his traditional “Yeah, Boyee!!” For big time rushes, you may even hear another hall of famer in Michael Hegstrand (you know him better as Road Warrior Hawk) in his trademark saying, “What a Rush!”, or the Roadrunner “MEEP MEEP”.

Oddly enough, the Pack will say these same things in response.

For the dramatic effect, I use a clip that makes Jeff Hamlin happy. The AC/DC tenor bell. That’s right, the big BONG you hear at the beginning of “Hell’s Bells” is my go to sound when rallying up the crowd on 3rd and 4th down defensive plays. This is reminiscent of 3rd & 4th down plays at UNC and Appalachian State that uses the same sound.

When a penalty flag appears upon a play, and no one knows who it’s against, I’ll play the familiar “Doink Doink” that’s synonymous with the Law & Order franchise. It definitely gets people’s attention as to who’s moving forward or backwards.

But when the Red Wolves cross into the end zone for a touchdown or conversion, kick a successful field goal, score a safety, or win the game, I’ll sound the horn. This comes from the NHL’s Arizona Coyotes, whose goal horn is tied into the late Warren Zevon’s hit song, “Werewolves of London”.

Again, I’m not trying to make sporting events into farces, but sporting events were made to be fun. All that I’m trying to do is add to a very fun atmosphere. When growing up in Marion and attending games at McDowell, we didn’t have these effects. Despite very vocal, if not rabid, fans, we would create our own effects and traditions.

Which reminds me. If you’ve come to volleyball matches inside Cedar Ridge Arena, you may have heard some of the aforementioned sounds. The students have also become very extemporaneous in their enthusiasm as it has assisted the Lady Wolves to their best season since 2015. It all started with a Cedar Ridge student shouting “OH YEAH!” (In similarity to the Kool-Aid Man), when an opposing team would serve or receive a serve.

It’s been fun this season on New Grady Brown School Drive, and I’m certain more fun is coming down the road. I for one am glad to come along for the rid

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