Cedar Ridge Volleyball Releases Schedule

Updated: August 1, 2016

August 11th (THUR)     at Jordan (scrimmage)      4:00 (V)   No JV

August 13th (SAT)        at East Chapel Hill (scrimmage) AWAY TBA   TBA

August 19-20th (FRI-SAT) at East Chapel Hill Tournament  AWAY

August 23rd (TUE)        vs. East Chapel Hill               HOME   5:00 (JV)  6:30 (V)

August 25th (THU)       vs. Bartlett Yancey                HOME   5:00 (JV)  6:30 (V)

August 29th (TUE)        vs. Carrboro                           HOME   5:00 (JV)  6:30 (V)

September 1st (THU)   vs. Orange                              HOME   5:00 (JV)   6:30 (V)

September 6th (TUE)  at Northern Vance                AWAY   5:00 (JV)   6:30  (V)

September 8th (THU) vs. Southern Durham            HOME  5:00 (JV)   6:30  (V)

September 12th (MON) at Eastern Alamance          AWAY   5:00 (JV)  6:30  (V)

September 13th (TUE) at Chapel Hill                        AWAY   5:00 (JV)  6:30  (V)

September 15th (THU) at Northwood                      AWAY    5:00 (JV) 6:30   (V)

September 20th (TUE) vs. Webb                              HOME   5:00 (JV)  6:30   (V)

September 27th (TUE) at Orange                             AWAY   5:00 (JV)  6:30   (V)

October 4th (TUE)       at Southern Durham            AWAY  5:00 (JV)  6:30    (V)

October 5th (WED)      at Carrboro                             AWAY 5:00 (JV)  6:30    (V)

October 6th (THU)      vs. Chapel Hill                        HOME 5:00 (JV)  6:30   (V)

October 11th (TUE)     vs. Northwood                      HOME 5:00 (JV)   6:30   (V)

October 13th (THU)    at Webb                                 AWAY  5:00 (JV)    6:30  (V)

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